About Us

Hey, y’all! Welcome to “What Would Cheric Do?”

In 2017 two friends decided to start a podcast. A podcast about adventuring, and reading books, and making choices. You might call it a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure podcast.

The two friends, Chad and Eric, decided that they would come together as… Cheeeeriiiiic. And thus, “What Would Cheric Do?” was born.

Take a look around, check out a few episodes, and find us on Facebook and Twitter. Say hello, tell us what decisions you would have made, and if you’ve read the book let us know how your story unfolded!


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Formerly known as The Blackbird Revue, Wyndsrfr’s unique brand of time-warped, top-down synthwave music has been heard across the country. Already featured on NBC, ABC, Fox, The Discovery Channel, CMT, FS1 and more, Wyndsrfr’s self-titled debut album was released on all major platforms October 20th.

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Based in Colorado, Trevor is an art director with a background in graphic design. He loves to create work that can be modern and clean while maintaining a human personality.

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Mirror Shift is run by our friend Kelli, who works too much but still finds time to rant about movies and video games and designs silly t-shirts for fun sometimes.

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